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Movie pitches, video game reviews, Nicolas Cage movies, and more. Nothing is off limits in Bucky’s Basement.

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5 days ago

17 percent.... 17 percent man.  That's the Rotten Tomatoes score we're currently looking at for Amos & Andrew.  But how could that be?  This is a movie with Nic Cage and Sam Jackson.  Quite possibly 2 of the top names you may think of when someone asks to name iconic 90's actors.  But here we are... 17 percent.  Maybe it was Dabney Coleman's fault for playing such a convincing racist cop. Or maybe the Gillmans were just a little too freaky for the critics.  Or maybe this movie is actually better than the 17 percent rating.  Who knows?  

Monday May 06, 2024

It's time for another episode of Fast Pitch here on Bucky's Basement.  This week the guys are writing for the 2 word title "This Matters".  What will they come up with this week and will they be defeated by Chat GPT (Chat Smith)?  Tune in to find out, and don't forget to "tell ya momma-n-em".

Monday Apr 29, 2024

On this weeks Transportainment episode the dudes ride the Transportainment OG. The Nashville Pedal Tavern. What will their cover story be and will Bucky's real life job expose them? What are they Pitfall fans now? Who's Margie and why's she partying so hard? Why are they slurring their words? Did they get to visit the Joe C tribute at Kid Rock's Big Donkey Honkey Tonk? All questions will be answered and more on this week's episode of Bucky's Basement.

Monday Apr 22, 2024

On today's very special episode of Breakup Letters, Bucky puts the kibosh with the ever popular, all-powerful Social Media. He's been connected since college Facebook testing grounds up to present day Instagram reels. He's looking to get time back from the greatest time suck of all time. Join us as we encourage him on his journey to splittsville from Mark Zuckerberg.

Monday Apr 15, 2024

This week on Casting Cage we're finally coming out of Nic Cage purgatory with the 90's hit Honeymoon In Vegas. Juicebox discusses his hatred of James Caan (is he a good actor or is he just playing the same character in every role?), Bucky struggles to name 5 James Caan movies, and we speculate on who is actually the "Bad Guy" in this movie.

Monday Apr 08, 2024

On this weeks episode of Fast Pitch we are trying to write a movie with the absurd six word title "Iceberg Indians, Future Hollywood, Tyrone Square". What will the guys come up with this week? How will Bucky sneak Smoking Ben Affleck into this one? Will A.I. come up with a better idea? Tune in to find out.

Monday Apr 01, 2024

On this weeks episode the guys venture out to Opryland to ride the Redneck Comedy Tour Bus. But! This week they brought at guest - their "half-sister" Dana!
Join Bucky's Basement this week as they become "turests" in their own city.  Will they become "Redneck Certified"? Can they pronounce Demonbreun? Do they learn how to abuse children?  Is this comedy? Find the answers to all this and more on this week's episode. May God rest their souls.

Monday Mar 25, 2024

On this weeks episode of Break Up Letters, Oldboy takes on possible the toughest break up there is. Smoking.  What are his reasons, can he do it, are Bucky and Juicebox supportive.  Tune in to find out.

Monday Mar 18, 2024

Nic Cage, Judge Reinhold, Erika Anderson(?) Joe Pantoliano, Steve Buscemi, Marisa Tomei, Aaron Neville, New Orleans, boobs. You would think that list would combine to make a good movie, right? This week we watched the 1991 straight to VHS (and maybe Beta) classic Zandalee. Is it good? Does Cage try a Louisiana accent or nah? Is he wearing a wig? Is anyone in this movie a vampire? Tune in to find out these answers and more on Casting Cage Episode 10 here on the Bucky's Basement Podcast.
Zandalee Trailer

Monday Mar 11, 2024

It's time for more movie pitches in a 15 minute time limit. This week the guys draw the five word title "Grandparents Age Then Poppers Happen". What kind of crazy ideas will they come up with this week? Tune in to find out.

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